What You Need to Know About Home Inspection Day








Inspection day is a stressful day for first time and seasoned homebuyers alike, so we sat down with local inspector, Kris Skirrow, owner of Dream Home Inspection to talk about what you should know going into inspection day to help make it a little less stressful.

On inspection day, Kris and his team of New Smyrna home inspectors send two inspectors out to every job where they will work along side a termite inspector.

“We have two crews that go out. We always have two inspectors on a job, plus a termite inspector, to catch something that someone else might not see. That gives us two sets of eyes on everything, and the termite guy who works with us extensively,” said Kris.

After thoroughly inspecting the home or building, Kris and his team compile a list of repairs, which is the part that scares homebuyers the most. Every homebuyer dreads getting a long list of repairs and can often lead to the homebuyer being too nervous to buy the home. Kris and his team try to help ease homebuyers fears by separating their repairs into three separate categories- immediate repairs, repairs, and general maintenance. By doing this, homebuyers get a better picture of what really is a potential deal breaker versus what is just regular home maintenance.

As intimidating as it might be to get a long list of repairs, Kris encourages homebuyers to take it with a grain of salt and focus on the issues that are immediate repairs that could be deal breakers and try not to let the general maintenance issues seem bigger than they are. No home is going to be completely free of issues or repairs, Kris reminds.

“How many houses are you going to go through before you find one with nothing wrong? You’re not going to. We do a lot of new construction and they still have problems,” said Kris.


A common misconception is that inspection reports can be used as a bargaining tool in the negotiation for a home. However, most homes are sold as-is so inspections are simply meant to make the buyer aware of the issues, and the buyer can decide from there if it’s a deal breaker or not.

Kris suggests that homebuyers do their research and make sure they are getting a knowledgeable Realtor to make sure they don’t find themselves owning a home they can’t fully insure.

“There are several items now that might not be code violations, but they may be uninsurable. Especially with electrical or how long the roof will last. There are several electrical panels that are no longer insurable, but the code hasn’t caught up with that yet,” said Kris.

Working with a knowledgeable and reputable Realtor and home inspector can help ensure issues like this are caught and brought to your attention before you decided to purchase the home. After all, a home is likely the largest purchase you will ever make. Take the time to research your Realtor, home inspector and pay for a quality home inspection that will catch any lingering issues.

“Price should be the last thing they look at,” said Kris. “Price should not be everything when you are spending so much money on a house.”

Sarah & Tim

Florida Life Real Estate Group