5 Things to Do After Moving In


Buying your dream home is a rush of emotions, and moving day can feel surreal. But after the dust settles and you are unpacking box after box, there are a few important steps you need to take to ensure that your move-in process continues smoothly.

1) New Locks

This is a big one and an important one. As soon as you move in, you should be ready with new locks to install or a locksmith to replace your locks. When the previous homeowner hands you the key, you have no idea how many copies they may have handed out during their time living there. Even if you are buying a new-construction home- how many construction workers have had access to your home for finishing touches? Err on the side of caution and change your locks. There’s nothing like the piece of mind of knowing exactly who has keys to your home.

2) Find the Fuse Box and Water Valve

Hopefully you did this during the inspection, but if not take the time to find these two shortly after moving in. Get familiar with your fuse box so you are ready in case of an emergency. Once you find your main water valve, test it and make sure it’s working properly. Don’t wait until crunch time to discover a faulty water valve!

3) Change your address

Changing your address with the United States Postal Service is pretty painless these days. Simply visit their website , fill out the information, pay one dollar and ta-da- address changed! While you are at it, make a list of other important organization to notify- your bank, auto-loan lender, your children’s school, your doctor- anywhere where your current address needs to be on file. Try to notify them sooner than later and avoid a headache down the road!

4) Check your filters and order new ones

We’re not just talking about air filters here- homes comes with more than just the heating and air conditioning unit filters. A good practice is to check all of these filters as soon as you move in and order replacement filters. Bankrate.com suggests checking the vent filter above the stove, the dryer vent and the aeration filters in kitchen and bathroom spigots. Getting in the habit of replacing these filters regularly will help ensure that you are doing everything you can to make sure your home is running optimally. Not to mention, air filters are relatively affordable but can make a big difference in the life of your appliances.

5) Deep clean

Before you move in any furniture, seize the opportunity to clean the hard-to-reach places of your new home, including every inch of your floors. If your new home has hardwood floors, consider buffing and sealing your wood floors before any furniture is moved in. Or, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to come steam the carpets before furniture makes it impossible to clean every inch. The previous owners may have done a fine job cleaning before they moved, but there is nothing like the peace of mind knowing that you are starting with a clean slate, and it gives you a regular deep-cleaning schedule to go by. Angie’s List recommends steam cleaning high traffic areas once every 12 to 18 months and the entire carpet area once every two years.