Local Business Spotlight: The Local Butcher

Local Butcher

No small town is complete without a local butcher shop, and New Smyrna Beach is no different. This week we are featuring The Local Butcher on Canal Street.

Located on 430 Canal Street, The Local Butcher has developed a reputation for life-changing BLTs, mouth-watering handmade sausage and the melt-in-your mouth Butifarra Pork sandwiches. Locals and tourists alike can’t help but to follow their noses to the tantalizing smells wafting out of The Local Butcher, one of the many gems of New Smyrna Beach.

Joel, the owner, was born and raised in New Smyrna and opened The Local Butcher over a year ago with his wife.

“We thought that there were enough people out there who wanted a higher quality of meat,” said Joel. “We sell fresh meat and we make sandwiches. We don’t have a huge variety, we just have really high quality meat,” said Joel.

Local Butcher

For Joel, high quality meat means premium meat with no hormones or antibiotics, ranging from steaks to pork chops to sausage.

“I make all of the sausages here myself. I actually grind the ground beef, which is a little different than the stuff you would find in a grocery store,” said Joel.

Even though the premium meat is the main attraction, the sandwiches are starting to develop a reputation of their own. With six or seven sandwiches in the menu, Joel and his team are changing the way New Smyrna Beach lunch- game. Review on Yelp and TripAdvisor both rave about the way Joel is able to take a classic, such as the BLT, and transform it and “raises the bar” using high quality bacon and with the ideal combination of sweet and saltiness.

After working in a grocery store meat department for 18 years, Joel decided to open The Local Butcher so that he could cater to those looking for premium meat with no hormones or antibiotics, but also spend more time with each customer.

“We wanted to actually build relationships where people come in and you get to talk to them- pretty much everyone who comes in now I know by name,” said Joel. “You get to have conversations with them, see how they are doing and see how their kids are growing up, so that’s a lot of fun.”

Next time you are in New Smyrna Beach, stop by The Local Butcher and indulge in a famous BLT or order a roast to take home- and don’t be surprised if Joel sends you home with hand-written instructions on how to prepare it!

Sarah & Tim

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