Local Business Spotlight: Paddleboard NSB


With the Mosquito Lagoon, Ponce Inlet and miles of beach, New Smyrna Beach is a dream for every water sports of all kind, but especially paddleboarding. This week we are featuring a Paddleboard New Smyrna, a local business that has been getting people out on the water for years.


According to Erik, who runs Paddleboard NSB along with his family, is just wrapping up its fifth summer in New Smyrna and is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in paddleboarding.


“We offer paddleboard tours, rentals and sales,” said Erik. “We really are an event driven company; we host a lot of different social events and athletic competitions from paddleboard surfing to paddleboard racing.”


Events such as Ride the Tide Paddle Battle to Sunday Brunch Paddles, to Sunset Shootouts, are favorites amongst the locals and are a good example of why New Smyrna is anything but a sleepy beach town.


However, if paddleboard racing doesn’t sound like the relaxing Saturday you had in mind, you can always take the more relaxed alternative and partake in a dolphin or manatee tour.



“We’re pretty blessed that we have a lot of natural wildlife that usually puts on a good show for us,” said Erik. “We have dolphin tours that run almost daily off our back dock. There’s a pod of dolphins that congregate and feed about three quarters of a mile down the canal- they put on a better show than SeaWorld.”


Are you interested in catching fish than finding them? Paddleboard fishing is for you.


“We have half and full day paddleboard eco fishing tours that will be offered through mosquito lagoon. We set them up with all the equipment they need and they have a guide that will take them out to the area and hopefully set them up with some fish.”


If you still aren’t convinced that paddling down the lagoon while balancing on a board is your thing, Erik assures beginners that paddle boarding is much easier than it looks.


“It’s only as hard as you make it, the learning curve is extremely fast,” said Erik.


Next time you need an excuse to get out on the water on a beautiful day, head on down to Paddleboard New Smyrna Beach and give paddleboarding a try.