Third Wave Cafe


In many ways, New Smyrna is destined to be a town for food lovers. With only locally owned restaurants on the beachside, there is never a shortage of delectable and unique dishes to try that represent each resident who owns the restaurant.

One of these restaurants is Third Wave Café on Flagler Ave. Third Wave Café opened its doors in 2014 and has since grown quite the name for itself amongst locals and residents alike for their crepes, gourmet pizzas and savory dinners.

“We originally thought we would be a small coffee shop and creperie with a wine garden with pizza and salad, but then people just demanded more,” said Kathy, one of the owners of the Café.

Kathy and her family have seen New Smyrna Beach grown tremendously in their two years on Flagler Ave, something they weren’t expecting but are enjoying.

“I think we were on the cusp on the New Smyrna’s renaissance, or whatever you want to call it, because it’s just blossomed,” said Kathy.

This growth has helped Third Wave Café create a name for themselves, but also expand.

“We just kept growing and growing. We’ve already had to add on twice,” said Kathy.

Upon entering Third Wave Café, its easy to see why. The front of Third Wave Café is a quaint coffee shop, specializing in crepes among other breakfast items where you can grab a cup of coffee and crepe, sit out on the deck and watch the bustling activity of Flagler Ave while soaking up the warm Florida sun. Behind the café is the restaurant portion, which transports guests into a magical jungle wonderland, with an abundance of greenery, lights and rustic décor.

The food served in the restaurant makes Third Wave Café a must when in New Smyrna, as the pizza is rumored to be the best pizza in town. But don’t just order pizza when coming to Third Wave Café. Their Mediterranean menu, sprinkled with local favorites, such as chicken, steak, pasta and seafood specials, are sure to please.

“90% of what we make is in the pizza oven. We don’t have a deep fryer here, we have a small convection oven in the back, but most everything we do we try to do really creative,” said Kathy.

One visit to Third Wave Café and you will be hooked. Next time you are on Flagler Ave, stop by Third Wave for a delicious brunch or stay a bit longer for the experience- you’ll be glad you did.

Sarah & Tim

Florida Life Real Estate Group